We are a small private special needs school in Raleigh, NC that serves a wide level of needs. We provide a classroom setting that uses the science of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to reach and teach your child the skills necessary to become their most capable and productive self.

Right now we are providing private school services and have exciting expansions coming soon – stay tuned for further updates!

Lauren is true every day hero. She was one of the few people who gave us HOPE when our son was diagnosed. If a parent doesn’t have HOPE the child doesn’t have a chance. Lauren’s impact on our son was immediate and powerful. She brings out the best in her kids and empowers their parents to be confident in their abilities as well. She is perfect ratio of confident, deliberate and loving. She brings an energy level like no other and is hands on ALL DAY LONG. My son hasn’t been with her for over a year but the mere mention of her name changes negative behavior and at the same time he watches the DVD she created of their 2017/18 class ALL THE TIME. Every ASD family needs Lauren in their lives.

Parent Testimony

I worked with Lauren for a few years and was always so impressed by her passion and skill set. She is talented, knowledgeable, and extremely dedicated. Children respond to her and work with her in miraculous ways. She is truly a gifted educator and such an asset not only to her students and their families, but also to the professionals who work with her. She meets each child where they are and builds functional, social, and academic skills systematically and in a way that is fun and meaningful. In short, she is wonderful!

Teacher Testimony