Student Testimony

Ms. Lauren was my learning and behavioral aide in Kindergarten back in 2010-2011. It was a while ago, I’m fourteen now, but I do remember some great things about her. I felt supported by her in school because she had me participate in brain breaks in a quiet room. It allowed me, as a kid with special needs, to relieve my anxiety from school and return to the classroom quietly and go back to work. It improved my time at school. This is perhaps what I remember most. Ms. Lauren was an effective teacher because she was able to set reasonable limits and expectations with me, which in turn helped me to more positively interact with my friends at school. I remember that she was a friend as well, helping me where I needed to be helped, while still giving me the freedom to have fun and work how I wanted, within the rules of the classroom. I would recommend Ms. Lauren to other kids because I remember that she was a helpful and kind to me. I remember how once we parted ways that I wanted her back, and I think that says a lot about my experience with her.